The Photographer

Image courtesy of Chelsey Rice.

Hi everybody. My name is Jayson Merryfield, and I’m a photographer. Your photographer.

While I try hard to be an interesting person, a whole page dedicated to learning “About Me” would be exceptionally boring, especially when “Why Me” is so much a better question to ask and answer. Let me just shortcut that first part by telling you that my wife and children are truly the most important thing in my life right now. They are my joy and my happiness, even if they’re conspiring to keep me from a good nights sleep. The story of our lives is what keeps me motivated every day.

In my heart, in the biggest part of me that shows in everything that I do, I live to tell stories. It’s actually one of the constants of my life, a desire to write, to document, to find a story and follow it. I’ve done it pen to paper, fingers to a keyboard, in the privacy of my mind’s eye, and now, through the lens of a camera. If anything, using a camera to tell a story is even more engaging and exciting than anything else I could imagine, because every story is unique and spontaneous. Everyone is the protagonist in their own story, with a cast of characters full of shared histories and a future that extends far beyond when my camera is finally packed away. Every event has it’s own narrative thread, and I’m asked to share in these stories with my clients.┬áThis is what excites me most about being a wedding and family photographer. I am blessed with the opportunity and space to share some of the most truly joyous moments people will experience in their lives, and I am asked to tell their story. To take their happiness and excitement at joining their soul mate in marriage, to experience the joy and energy of sharing a summer meadow with their children, and help them share their story with the world.

I can’t help but feel positive and truly happy in these situations. I love spending time talking with my clients, hearing your stories and the things that excite you the most. I love meeting those people that are important to you; parents and grandparents, children and relatives and friends, and seeing things unfold through their eyes. That’s the stuff I want to document. Those are the moments and emotions that keep my energy high and my camera busy. They’re also the moments that I help bring together to tell your unique story. I want you to remember these stories for the rest of your life.