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Teshia + Matt | Edmonton Wedding Photographer

Happy new year to everyone! I’m so happy and excited with what 2014 will be bringing for me this coming year both professionally (including a bunch of awesome weddings, each at unique locations I’ve never had the opportunity to work at before) and personally (like both of my boys getting bigger, older, and more adventurous)!

To celebrate, I would love to take a moment to look back almost 6 months to one of the highlights of my wedding season, a day spent at Fort Edmonton Park shooting the wedding of Teshia & Matt. We took their engagement pictures in the historic Highlands neighbourhood of Edmonton, so getting married at the Fort was a natural progression. I had never worked in Fort Edmonton before, just visited like most people are used to doing, and it was, I’ll admit, a bit overwhelming at times, as there’s just SO MUCH to see and do, places to visit and backgrounds to use! Luckily, Teshia & Matt were as laid back as could be and the whole day went just as smoothly as could be. We got to tour the whole town tang “formal” pictures (which weren’t always that formal), and the dinner and dance at the Hotel Selkirk were awesome too. What a great place to get married, and what an awesome bunch of people to spend the day with! If you have the opportunity to attend the Newfoundlanders wedding, I highly recommend going. It’s one you won’t soon forget!


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Pam + Kelly | Edmonton Wedding Photographer

I’m back, FINALLY, after a long hiatus from blogging! It was a long summer and fall, full of fun, adventures, and lots & lots of wonderful people that I had the opportunity to take a few pictures of, and I promise that over the next months I’ll be sharing as much goodness as I can. Starting with today’s wedding, from a-way back in June.

If it’s possible to describe a 6’1″ dude with a righteous beard and an aptitude with guns as “adorable“, Kelly would definitely fit that description, especially when you see he and Pam together. They have this easy, confident calm about them, and it totally permeated their whole wedding, which was a wonderfully laid back and casual day full of family, friends, and laughter. The ceremony was outdoors at the beautiful (and new to me!) Rainer Gardens in southeast Edmonton, and the weather cooperated beautifully, giving us plenty of light and warmth to work with. After sneaking away for some pictures together, the reception kicked off at the Windemere Golf & Country Club where everyone danced and celebrated the night away.

More than anything, this year I was blessed with clients who were a perfect match for me: a little laid back, a little bit cool, a little bit stylish, and a whole lot of fun. I honestly couldn’t ask for anything better, especially these two. Congrats Pam & Kelly!


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Pam + Kelly | Edmonton Engagement Photographer

I’m a little late in getting these posted, but in my defence this was my last engagement session, and we took Pam & Kelly’s engagement pictures a little over a week prior to their wedding, so these two beautiful people are already happily married.

What can I say about Pam & Kelly? I was uber excited for their wedding from the moment we sat down at our first meeting. They’re super chill and effortlessly stylish and just plain C-O-O-L. I mean seriously, look at that beard. When you spend some time with them, it’s also overwhelmingly obvious that they’re one of those wonderfully serendipitous matches where two people are completely at ease and super in love with each other. The time we spent wandering around the U of A grounds was definitely time well spent, even if mother nature decided to sprinkle on us for a few minutes right off the top.

The wedding pictures are coming soon, but I promise they’re definitely worth the wait. It was an awesome time! In the meanwhile….


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Teshia + Matt | Edmonton Engagement Photographer

Happy Wednesday! I’d like to celebrate today by letting you know something that is AWESOME that will be happening this coming weekend: Teshia & Matt are getting married, in what is sure to be a beautiful and fun ceremony and reception down at Fort Edmonton Park! I couldn’t be more excited!

To get in the mood for a throwback wedding experience, we went to one of Edmonton’s older heritage neighborhoods for their engagement portraits. Highlands is absolutely one of my favorite parts of Edmonton, with it’s tree-lined streets and the super cute block of businesses that surround La Boheme Bed & Breakfast. We went for a casual, relaxed walk through the streets, dipped down into the river valley when we had the chance and then wrapped things up with a cupcake at the Mandolin Book & Coffee Co. Teshia & Matt are super cute and a little bit goofy and fun, so our time together just flew by. I can’t wait to be present when they are married and get to be fun and cute and goofy together for the rest of their lives.


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Neilin + Faisal | Edmonton Engagement Portrait Photographer

If I even began to start listing off the things that excite me beyond belief about Neilin and Faisal’s upcoming wedding this August…. well, let’s just say this blog post would be more words than pictures. Okay, fine, twist my arm, here’s a top three:

#3 – They are having an Ismaili wedding ceremony, which will be a first for me! SO excited!

#2 –  Their reception will be really big, probably the biggest and longest I’ll be photographing this year, which means lots of wonderful, colourful opportunities for some candid pictures!

#1 – Neilin and Faisal are so humble and so cute and so obviously connected in that great way couples-to-be-married can be. It’ll be a joy to just be there to witness their wedding.

With that said, I need to share with the world their engagement pictures! We had a great opportunity to explore the river valley a bit, wandering from the Edmonton Queen, past the Muttart and Edmonton Ski Club, enjoying the beauty that the city holds and just relaxing and having a great time together. The time we spent together made me even MORE excited to take part in their wedding ceremony! I hope you enjoy some of my favourite pictures from the session!


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