Christmas Portrait Mini-Sessions!

I know, I know, it’s not even HALLOWEEN yet, and here I am talking about Christmas. Well… what can I say? I love the season, and have been humming and whistling my favourite carols for a few weeks now as I’ve been slowly percolating this idea here. Anyways, enough about my annoying habits, back to the topic at hand: Christmas mini-sessions!¬†Here’s the gist of things: who doesn’t love family portraits at this time of year? Something to include with your Christmas cards, something to make into a collage that will actually BE your Christmas card, even something to print & frame and give to those pesky grandmas & grandpas who are so darn hard to buy for.

This is perfect for you then. A quick portrait session, some great family pictures, and just in time to get things printed & ready for Christmas. The sessions are also super short & condensed so the reluctant model in your family (*cough*husbands*cough*) can be in and out in the most painless way possible! Plus, it’s a Saturday, no NFL to interrupt.

So, the pertinent details:

  • One day only – Saturday, November 26.
  • 15 minute session.
  • 10 appointments.
  • 50-75 pictures, in your hands when you leave.
  • $100

Drop me an email at if you’re interested! Spread the news to your friends & family too! I’m so looking forward to this, it’ll be a great day!

Talk to you all soon!

  ~ Jayson

(PS: this picture is Finn from last year, enjoying his favourite (at the time) Christmas present the next day. Thank God his hair learned to stay down!)


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