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Things are a little up-in-the-air around Casa del Merryfield these days…. we moved out of our home last weekend and into the basement of my very generous and patient sister-in-law and brother-in-law’s house (which isn’t just a cement floor and insulation stuffed between 2×4’s, it’s actually quite a posh basement as far as basements go). So, to have a little quiet time together, just the three of us, a couple weekends ago Lindsay, Finn and I snuck off to Transcend Coffee for a couple cups of the finest coffee that money can buy in Edmonton. I’m turning into a bit of a coffee snob, unfortunately. 🙂 Naturally I brought along my camera and tried my best to document our morning without letting Finn run amok too much. He’s busy and inquisitive, which is a great trait to have until you realize that he’s run behind the bar and is asking for a waffle or a cookie or a spoon or something. At least everyone in the cafe was in a good mood and seemed to find us more charming than clamourous, and I don’t think we disturbed everyone TOO much.


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Coffee Outing with the Family

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Finn decided part way through the morning that HE needed to take a few pictures too. These next couple are the results of his own artistic vision. 🙂

Edmonton Glenora Family Photography Glenora Edmonton Family Photography

And now, back to our regularly scheduled photographer….

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Urban Transcend Coffee Family Photography

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9 thoughts on “Sunday Coffee with the Family | Edmonton Family Photographer

  1. You made me tear up a little bit… ya’ see…. my little boy used to love Thomas the Tank Engine. We’d sit on the floor and build tracks and run the train around. Today, I’m about to leave for the beach to celebrate his 15th birthday. He’s learning to drive. We are starting to talk about what colleges to attend. Seems like yesterday that I was building Thomas the Tank Engine tracks. Now, a whole box of Thomas parts are ready to be donated. They grow up fast. REALLY fast. It’s great that your clients have images like these. They will cherish them!

  2. Ha! I just read the post (the photographer in me viewed all the images and started writing before reading). I realize now that this isn’t a client, but your own family. So… my advice to you… .take a LOT of these pictures. YOU will cherish them like crazy because in a blink of an eye… they will be taller than you and you’ll think, “what the heck happened to the time?”

  3. I think you conveyed the mood of this shoot perfectly. I feel like I’m hanging out with friends at the coffee shop, not looking at a stranger’s work. Great job! Beautiful work!

  4. Fun stuff! I’m a total coffee snob too… because when it’s good, it’s reeeaaaally good– why not hope for the best! And solid work, Finn!

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