The Experience

I chose the name “In the Moment Photography” because it says something very specific about my style and philosophy behind photography – that the best pictures aren’t staged or predesigned, but are a spontaneous expression of the moment that we find ourselves in. It might be a happy moment between a mother and daughter. It might be a space of comfort and solace as a couple embraces in the quiet sunset. It might be the most important moment of your life, when you say the words “I do” to the one you love.

With that in mind, your experience with In the Moment Photography will be one that is unstructured and casual. Personal relationships are more important to my photography than carefully structured poses. I shoot using natural light when possible, and try to engage my subjects to bring out their true personalities. To create a space where a client becomes a friend, and becomes comfortable and at ease in front of my camera.

Expect to have a lot of fun. Expect to explore your boundaries. Expect to be entertained, and to be entertaining. Above all, expect to enjoy yourself.